Truffles for sale – trade sales

English autumn truffle

The English Truffle Company offer fresh English Black Summer and Autumn truffles for sale to the trade from July to January. (Retail customers please go to this page to buy truffles). These truffles are from Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Sussex. Trade customers include leading restaurants, such as Hix restaurants and Native and pubs like The Kingham Plough. We also supply wholesalers and food manufacturers from large companies like TruffleHunter to small artisan producers like Honeys of Henley. Our truffles appeared in a Bocuse d’Or prize winning dish with Adam Bennett, head chef at the Michelin-starred Simpsons restaurant. In October 2019, they were part of a dish prepared in the final of the Young National Chef of the Year. Siôn Hughes of The Carden Park Hotel used them in his mushroom arancini with a black truffle mayonnaise starter.

Mushroom arancini with a black truffle mayonnaise featuring our truffles. Siôn Hughes's starter in the Young National Chef of the Year competition.
Mushroom arancini with a black truffle mayonnaise featuring our truffles. Siôn Hughes's starter in the 2019 Young National Chef of the Year competition.

Summer Truffles

The Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum) is the commonest species in Europe. The skin is black in colour with pronounced pyramid-shaped warts. When cut in half, they have a white marbling on a pale cream to light brown background. Their season is May to August. We do not recommend them early in the season when the flesh is light and aroma and flavour are minimal. They improve as the season goes on and the flesh darkens. The flavour, described as nutty-tasting, and aroma are more subtle than the well-known varieties such as the Black Winter (Périgord) truffle.

basket of english truffles

Autumn Truffles

The Autumn or Burgundy Truffle (Tuber uncinatum) is a very close cousin to the Summer Truffle with similar size, shape and colour. It is found in many parts of Europe and is highly prized. They ripen from September to January. When ripe, they have a darker brown, marbled flesh and aroma and taste are much stronger than their Summer counterparts.

autumn truffles

Manufacturing Grade Truffles

As well as offering whole fresh truffles for sale we can supply manufacturing grade truffles. These are offcuts and small truffles where appearance is not important. They will be used for small, fine shavings or truffle powder as ingredients.


Trade Orders

To ensure you have the freshest possible truffles, we do not hold stock but supply when we next have them. We usually truffle hunt once or twice per week. This means in general, we do not send out truffles on the day that they are ordered. If you require them for a specific date, please order well in advance.

Every truffle sold is fully traceable back to the site where it came from and when it was harvested. Truffles are sent to you with a next day delivery service to ensure maximum freshness. By default, truffles are sent washed, if you require them brushed please let us know.

For trade orders, we have a minimum order quantity of 300 grams. To find out more, including pricing, please contact us. If you order is for less than 300 grams, retail prices apply. Please order here.