A kilo of English Truffles.
A kilo of English Truffles.

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Frequent contact topics (to save you some time):

I think I have found truffles

  • Please look carefully at the photos on this web site, does what you have found look like them? Is the skin black in colour with pronounced, irregular "warts".
  • Was it underground (or breaking the ground surface)?
  • If it is white and growing above the ground, it is not a truffle - it is probably an Earthball - do not eat!

An Earthball - NOT a truffle.


  • If it is black and growing on an Ash, Beech or other tree (above the ground), it is not a truffle - it is probably a Cramp Ball or King Alfred's Cake - do not eat!

Cramp Balls or King Alfred's Cakes - Not truffles.
Cramp Balls or King Alfred's Cakes - NOT truffles.


  • The below is a type of plant gall - an abnormal growth on plant tissue usually caused by parasites. The most well known, "above ground" plant gall is the Oak Apple.

A plant gall on tree roots.
A plant gall on tree roots - NOT truffles.


  • If it matches the description / photos of truffles and was at least partially underground please email with:
    • Some close-up photos with a common object (e.g. a coin) for scale.
    • Your postcode (so we can look at the geology).
    • Details of the nearest trees (species / approximate age or size).
    • When you found it.
    • The number you have found.
    • The weight (individually and the total).

I am hoping to sell you my truffles (overseas)

Thank you but we do NOT buy overseas truffles focusing on English ones.

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