Woodland Maintenance

Truffle Wood Maintenance - gathering fallen branches

Yesterday was a damp and murky day in one of the woods we truffle hunt in. In the winter (just!), out of truffle season, we always do a little woodland maintenance on some of our sites. The tasks were:

Gathering fallen and leaning branches to make it easier for our truffle hunting guests to move around the wood.

Truffle Wood Maintenance - gathering fallen branches
Piles of branches – safer for guests plus good habitats.

Cutting down self-seeded ash and sycamore. These are no good for truffles, beech trees are the truffles favourites.

Truffle Wood Maintenance - cutting self-seeded ash and sycamore
Typical area before we have undertaken truffle woodland maintenance – removing the small ash and sycamore leaving the beech.
Truffle Wood Maintenance - Cutting down self-seeded ash and sycamore.
Another area after clearing – plenty more to do up the hill!

Gathering up trees tubes. They have been there over 20 years since the wood was planted and many we picked up can be re-used elsewhere. Sadly, the beech trees have grown around quite a few so they can’t be full removed. Taking them away when the trees are established is generally not part of plans for woodland creation and they just end up littering the woods. If planting trees, do consider biodegradable options or remove them when they are not needed.

One of 3 bags of redundant spiral guards and tubes.