Truffle Shavers



The traditional tools of serving truffles are truffle shavers or slicers. When selecting one, the key things to look for are a razor-sharp blade and ease of handling. When you are preparing truffles you want to slice them as thinly as possible. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The greater the truffles surface area exposed, the greater the aroma from the truffle serving.
  2. The investment in your truffle will go a lot further.

However good your knife, you will not be able to consistently cut your truffle into paper-thin slices like a truffle shaver can. You will also risk cutting your fingers, especially as the remaining piece gets smaller and smaller. These professional-quality, adjustable truffle shavers can cut slices as thin as 0.2 mm and are among the best available.

We offer a choice of two high-quality truffle shavers made in Italy. Please note – all current stock of steel and wooden shavers have straight blades.

  • A stainless-steel truffle. It is dishwasher safe.
  • An olive wood truffle shaver, each with their own unique, beautiful grain. Not dishwasher safe – keep dry.

Some users prefer a wooden handle to grip over a steel one.

Besides being used for slicing truffles, the shavers can be used for chocolate, garlic, vegetables, hard cheeses, etc. and wherever fine slices are necessary. The blades are very sharp so they must be handled with caution, especially when slicing small bits of truffle.

You can see some uses for your truffle shaver on our Cooking with Truffles page.


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