About Us

In 2008 we won the UK truffle hunting championships.

Following redundancy in 2008, we went on a truffle hunting course with one of our dogs. She took to it like a 'duck to water' and was invited to take part in the first UK Truffle Hunting Championships. After a lot of practice she won the title, a trophy and, most important to her, a lot of dog food! Since this time, we have trained three more of our dogs to find truffles.

Since that time, we have found significant quantities of truffles from woodland sites across southern England. These have been sold to Michelin star and leading restaurants, private individuals, wholesalers and truffle retailers. At the English Truffle Company we wish to continue harvesting truffles from our sites for many years to come and so work in a responsible, sustainable manner.

From 2011 we have run unique truffle hunting experience days in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire from October to January. Besides selling truffles, truffle trees and other truffle goods, we are regularly invited by private landowners to search for truffles in their woodlands or harvest truffles from their plantations. We also run truffle dog training workshops around the country.

LUX Magazine said of us in 2020:

Such authentic artisanal products are distinguished by their fundamental values of patience, passion and heritage. Both maker and customer have to be patient: “People who appreciate the finer things are usually happy to wait,” says professional truffle hunter and owner of The English Truffle Company, James Feaver. His business plan manages customers’ expectations and controls truffle pre-sales so they don’t take on more orders than are achievable. “Every day of hunting depends on the vagaries of the weather. If people get in touch in advance, we do our best to deliver, but we only harvest what’s sustainable and available at that time. I’m more like a fisherman than an artisan baker. I don’t make truffles like a baker makes his bread; nature has done all the hard work and I just find them.”