Dog Training Truffles


Total weight - a minimum of 20 grams.

We strongly recommend that these are sent by Express Delivery.

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First wild truffle
“My first wild truffle!!” – this spaniel’s training programme culminated in looking for our dog training truffles. After some leg work with the owner, it found it’s first, real wild one. Photo courtesy of R. Verney.

Dog training truffles (English Black Autumn truffles* / truffle pieces) – NOT for human consumption. They may be small, holey, not fully ripe or offcuts with a total minimum weight of 20 grams. They will have been cleaned (soil washed off). In the season, c. September – c. January, they will generally be supplied as fresh truffles. Typically we do not hold any stock but will supply them when we next gather any – usually every week. This means in general, we do not send out truffles on the day that they are ordered.

On occasions in the season, and out of season, they will be supplied from frozen stock and will be defrosted when they reach you. Whether supplied fresh or frozen they should be refrigerated when not being used (see “Caring for your dog training truffles” tab).

* Very occasionally we may supply dog training truffles of a very closely related species – Bagnoli truffles (Tuber mesentericum / Tuber bituminatum). Their aroma is very intense, reminiscent of phenol or iodine and weakens when exposed to air. Although slightly different to English truffles (Tuber uncinatum) they are still highly suitable for training dogs to find British truffles.

We recommend that, at least initially, you put the truffle in a small container so the dog does not eat it! The container should not have any scent of its own and not be too small to avoid any risk it being swallowed by the dog. It will also want some holes making in it let the smell out. We recommend scenting probes made from sections of plastic pipe with holes drilled in them and end caps adding. Such pipe and caps can be obtained from a plumbing supplies retailer.

Scent Probe for dog training truffles.

We strongly recommend you use Express delivery to get the truffles to you in the best possible condition (Royal Mail First class post).

Packaging reuse / recycling


We strongly recommend you use Express delivery to get the truffles to you in the best possible condition.

Please note, to be dispatched on the day you order, it must be placed by 12 noon (weekdays only). Occasionally, we may not be able to process your order the same day if we are out of the office.

Express Delivery:
Cost: £4.45 – Royal Mail 1st Class Post. This service aims to deliver your dog training truffles on the next working day.

Standard Delivery:
Cost: £3.25 – Royal Mail 2nd Class Post. This service aims to deliver your dog training truffles in 2 to 3 working days.

Caring for your dog training truffles

Fresh Truffles
Fresh truffles have a fairly short shelf life. They will keep for 1 – 2 weeks if looked after carefully, however the aroma and flavour will reduce over time.

  1. Remove your truffles from all of the packaging.
  2. When not being used for training, place them in an airtight container (Tupperware box, glass jar, zip-loc bag) wrapped in kitchen towel. Close the lid tightly and put it in the warmest part of the fridge (generally the top-shelf).
  3. Check them daily, wipe away any condensation that collects inside the container and change the kitchen towel.

Frozen Truffles
Frozen truffles will be defrosted by the time they arrive with you. They soften as they defrost and will not keep as long as fresh truffles. To get the maximum use from them, you can refreeze them, use them for training and then refreeze them multiple times.

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