Rent a Truffle Hound

Woodland Owners

If you are a landowner with woodlands growing on chalk or limestone, you may have native truffles growing. They are more common than might think. You can “rent a truffle hound” (plus handler!) to search your woods for truffles. Any found are yours to do with as you like. Optionally, we may buy them from you to reduce your bill. On some estates we are given a map of likely areas and left to go and look on our own. On others we are accompanied by the landowner or farm / estate manager.

Please contact us if you think you have suitable woodland including your postcode. We can provide a quotation based on hunting time, travel time and mileage. We have a minimum hire of two hours which can be extended on the day if you require.

We can also undertake a “desktop study” of your woodlands, looking at a range of information sources to assess your woodlands for the likelihood of wild growing truffles being present. This may be a sensible first stage before hiring a truffle hound.

A further option is to run a truffle hunting day for your group on your land. These can be run along similar lines to our truffle hunting experience days. Please contact us to discuss this.

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Truffle Orchard Owners

You can “rent a truffle hound” and handler by the day or hour to harvest your truffle crop. We have been finding truffles, including searching in truffières (truffle orchards / plantations), since 2008 so have considerable experience.

Please contact us with your postcode to request a quotation. As above, we will respond with a price based on hunting time, travel time and mileage. Again, there is a minimum hire period of two hours which can be extended as required.

Our personal best truffle of 606g found in a Surrey Hills truffle orchard.

Trained Truffle Dog Owners

We are based in Dorset. Our travel expenses to reach distant parts of the country can be quite high. Where possible we use our network of local truffle hunters. We are looking to extend this network. If you have a trained, experienced truffle dog and would like to search woodlands or truffle orchards on our behalf, please contact us.

Truffle dog and handler