Woodland Owners

Derive an income from your woods

Back in Victorian times there was a small truffle hunting industry centred on the beech woods of Southern England. The “last” truffle hunter retired in the 1930s. Over the last decade there has been a revival of interest in English truffles and a new generation of truffle hunters appeared. (You can read more on the history of English truffles). Woodland owners, you could have truffles growing naturally in your woods and not be aware of them!

To grow our business, we are seeking additional woodland sites in Dorset and parts of Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. They should be / have:

  • Species – Beech plantation preferred but also any of oak, hazel, birch, hazel or hornbeam
  • Soils – well drained, alkaline soils on chalk or limestone – not “clay with flints”
A beech plantation in Southern England with truffles. We are seeking woodland owners with similar.

Our biggest challenge is trying to identify owners of suitable looking woodlands. If a partnership with us to help generate an income from your farm or estate woods is something that you might be interested in would be delighted to talk to you. In the first place, please contact us if you think you have suitable woodland including your postcode and a description of your woods – names, tree species, age etc.

We can work with you in two different ways:

Truffle Hunting

For sites in our area, if we think they may have truffles, we offer a free visit to see if you have truffles. If you have them in significant amounts, we can then return regularly to harvest them. The time required in woods is pretty minimal – a few hours approximately monthly in the season (c. September – c. February). We work in a sustainable, responsible manner and are fully insured. Our truffle hunting can successfully co-exist with other woodland interests including shooting. We pay you for all truffles found contributing to farm and estate income.

Truffle Hunting Events

We are looking for additional sites in the above area for running events (private truffle hunts, truffle hunting experience days and truffle dog training lessons). We pay woodland owners for access. Some farms or estates also supplement their income by providing an indoor venue, lunches and refreshments.