Rufum Group

The two British species of the Rufum group are closely related but are distinct, differing in colour, shape, veins and in the nature of the spines on the spores. Some authors view them as varieties of the same species.

Tuber rufum

Tuber rufum (Puberulum group)
Tuber rufum (Red Truffle) – Carlo Vittadini – Monographia Tuberacearum (1831)
Tuber rufum (Red Truffle) . Credit: James Baker (cepecity) at Mushroom ObserverTuber rufum Pico ex Fries 687940CC BY-SA 3.0
Common Name:Red truffle / Cinnamon truffle
Scientific Name:Tuber rufum Vittad.
Etymology:From Latin rufus, reddish.
Detailed information:Trufamania
AromaSaid by some to smell of cinnamon or smoky bacon.
Ripening period:Late summer and autumn.
Distribution:Most records are from south and south west England but thought to be widely distributed in England and Wales. The species occurs with beech, evergreen oak or conifers.

Tuber nitidum

Tuber nitidum is not accepted by all authors who see it as a variety or form of T. rufum. Although T. nitidum has a smooth peridium unlike the warted and areolate peridium of T. rufum, there is no microscopic difference between the two species.

Common Name:
Scientific Name:Tuber nitidum Vittad.
Etymology:From Latin nitidum, bright or shining
Detailed information:Trufamania
Ripening period:August to November
Distribution:A rare species in Britain recorded under beech in south west England. European records from under beech, oak and ash.