Record Haul

Record truffle haul bag truffle hunting experience day

Guests on our Saturday 21 October truffle hunting experience day in Dorset were treated to our truffle hound finding the biggest haul for one of these days – 1.3 kg of usable truffle (plus some bits)!!! We have undertaken these days since 2011 and on this day the truffle gods were on our side with the wet weather over much of the summer helping truffle numbers and size. These are wild growing Black Autumn truffles that grow in a particular wood by good luck. Animals, such as badgers, squirrels or deer must have eaten them in other nearby woods then brought them here in their dung. They are now well established and we have been harvesting them there for over a decade.

Record truffle haul plate truffle hunting experience day

As well as helping excavate them, guests enjoyed sampling them with their afternoon tea and all took some home.

You too can join us on a truffle hunting experience day, or order some of these truffles on the web site for home delivery.