Truffle Oil for Dog Training




Using truffle oil for dog training is far cheaper than using real truffles and has the advantages of being available all year round and also having a much longer shelf-life. We use this oil for most of our truffle dog training.

We offer this truffle oil for dog training in two convenient sizes – 100 ml and 250 ml.

Using Truffle Oil for Dog Training

Put a small amount of truffle oil on objects for your dog to find. You could use a tennis ball or a plastic box / camera film container. If you use a plastic container please make sure:

  • It is not too small to present a choking hazard to your dog.
  • It does not have sharp edges and will not splinter if bitten.

We recommend our scent pots and scent probes. If you use your own container you may need to make a few holes in the lid to let the smell out. With a suitable container, put a little truffle oil on a piece of cotton wool / kitchen towel or use half a cotton bud.

Start with the object visible to the dog and when successful, move on to hiding it, such as in long grass or under leaves, eventually burying it just under the ground surface.

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100 ml, 250 ml

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