Thank you Squirrel

While you may complain about an animal, such as a squirrel, digging up your truffles, you might actually be grateful to them. We heard from a lady on the chalk in Dorset who found a truffle on her lawn next to the hole where a squirrel had dug it up. Guess what she’s having on scrambled egg this morning! She was previously unaware that she had truffles.

This story is far from unique, quite a few of our news reports of garden truffle finds are by squirrels. Such stories even make the news occasionally, such as this squirrel find in Gloucestershire. We also heard of a truffle plantation owner who was unaware that his trees were producing until he found half a truffle on a gatepost!

garden truffle find dorset squirrel
Garden summer truffle – Dorset, July 2023