Metal detecting for truffles!

garden found truffle- suffolk

We get quite a few emails and photos from people that have found truffles in their garden but one received yesterday stood out.

We accidentally found what we think are summer truffles whilst metal detecting along our drive.

We found three – trees line the drive, including hornbeam and lime, about 50 years old. It’s relatively undisturbed and free draining. We live in East Suffolk, so we were surprised as it seems uncommon for this area!

The geology in this area is sandstone, not the typical chalk or limestone. We’ve had a previous garden find reported to us from about 10 miles away and also on sandstone.

We did once hear of a machine, operated a bit like a metal detector, that analysed the air and could find gases (volatile organic compounds) given off by truffles. Unfortunately, it cost about £400,000 and needed several people to operate it! Give me a dog any day, far better company and easier to operate.

Truffle found in a garden while metal detecting