Unusual Truffle Digging Tool

mini digger

Truffle hunters use an amazingly wide range of tools to carefully excavate their truffles. I’ve always used French hand hoes looking a bit like a mini ice axe. Their name translating as “tongue and beak” describing the tow digging blades. Other people I know use trowels, screwdrivers and, unusually, a cake fork! Browsing eBay Italy for “vanghetto tartufi” shows lots of tools looking like whaling harpoons! However, we got a report yesterday of an extremely unusual truffle digging tool yesterday:

Mini Excavator Stock photo by Vecteezy

Yes, a digger! The finder emailed:

I’m a builder and started a job today laying a path through an outside area on a small industrial estate. When I was using a digger to scrape off the first few inches of grass, I noticed what I was sure was a truffle but have never seen one before so kept it in my pocket to take home. As I was moving the soil and grass I kept finding more and eventually had a good handful.

I left them all in the van until I finished work, and when I got back ready leave, the van absolutely stank like nuts and soil, but a nice smell.

Took them home and cleaned them of under the tap with a small brush and have gathered exactly 500g, all taken from an area approximately 4m2 and collected them in about 20 minutes. I had already half filled a skip by the time I noticed the first one so no idea how many have been thrown away.