Truffle Hunting

In the past, female pigs were used to hunt for truffles as the pungent odour that they emit includes a chemical almost identical to a sex pheromone found in male pig's saliva! Sows were difficult to control when a truffle was located and would often eat it! Today most hunters now use truffle dogs that are easier to control and will happily leave a found truffle for a food reward.

We offer six truffle hunting options:

Truffle Hunting Experience Days

Truffle Hunting in England
Would you like to experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of truffle hunting?

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Truffle Hunting Gift Vouchers

Truffles harvested from an English woodland
Gift vouchers for our unique truffle hunting days make excellent presents.

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Rent a Truffle Hound

Truffle Hound
We can search your woodland or plantation for truffles.

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Woodland Owner?

Truffles from an English woodland

Woodland owner on chalk or limestone? Make money from truffles.

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