Truffle Dog Training Lessons and Workshops – Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions before you make a booking. By booking a place on a truffle dog training lesson or workshop you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted them. Completion of the booking process and acceptance of our terms and conditions forms your contract with The English Truffle Company.

1. Refunds and Cancellations

    1. Cancellations must be made by email. If the booking is cancelled by the client the following cancellation charge will arise:
      • Cancellation more than 2 weeks before event – 50% of event fee payable
      • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the event – 100% of event fee payable

We may use our discretion depending upon the circumstances.

  1. We may cancel or postpone training including:
    • if we know in advance that the weather will not be suitable.
    • if there are insufficient numbers booked onto a workshop.

In such cases, we will let you know as soon as we can and then reschedule to an alternative date. If this date is not acceptable a full refund will be given. We are not liable for any additional costs incurred (travel, accommodation etc.) due to a cancelled training session.

2. Lesson and Workshop Conduct

  1. All dogs must be kept under control and on a lead, unless specifically requested by your instructor. You are responsible for the conduct of your dog at all times.
  2. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs in and around the training venue. Please ensure you attend suitably prepared with poo bags to clean up any dog mess. If a bin is not provided, please remove all used poo bags and do not leave these at the training venue or in the car park.
  3. Please do not bring your dog to a lesson / workshop if any of the below apply. If you are unsure about attending, do not hesitate to contact us or speak with your vet.
    • It is in an unfit state of health due to illness, disease or injury.
    • They have been in contact with an infectious disease, such as kennel cough or conjunctivitis.
    • It has sickness or diarrhoea.
    • It is not fully vaccinated.
    • They are a bitch in season.
    • They have severe behavioural problems including aggression.
  4. All training techniques used by The English Truffle Company are kind, fair and reward based. Harsh handling is not permitted in our lessons / workshops and is strongly discouraged at any other time. Choke chains, check chains, prong collars, lead jerking, shouting or smacking are not permitted.
  5. Family members may also attend lessons and workshops.
    • For them to attend a lesson is free of charge.
    • For them to attend a workshop requires paying the appropriate fee.
    • One person should be responsible for handling the dog.
    • Young children may not find the training exciting and under 5s should be accompanied by a second adult to enable one adult to concentrate on the child and the other with the training.
    • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult and should not attend on their own.
  6. We reserve the right to ask any attendee to leave if they are disruptive or rude to others in the workshop. Any fee paid will not be refundable.
  7. We reserve the right to ask for a dog and owner to leave the workshop if the safety of the other owners and dogs are in conflict. Any fee paid will not be refundable.

3. Liability

  1. Any accidents or issues involving a person or a dog must be reported immediately to the trainer.
  2. Owners must accept that dog training is not without risk therefore participation in training is at the owner’s risk. The English Truffle Company will not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to any persons, or dogs attending a lesson / workshop, or to their property howsoever caused during the provision of dog training activities.
  3. Owners are advised to have appropriate pet insurance cover that includes third party liability insurance. The English Truffle Company has public liability and relevant business insurance to run lessons / workshops, providing adequate cover for our business liabilities.
  4. Cars are parked at their owner’s risk. We do not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to cars whilst at training.

4. Course Materials

Course materials, where relevant, are usually supplied after your course has completed. Follow up emails and course materials are supplied for your personal use and must not be copied or forwarded without permission.

5. Subsequent Instruction By Client

You are not permitted to use any of the materials, methods and knowledge gained in our lessons / workshops to provide truffle dog training on a commercial basis at any point in the future.

6. Photo Release

The client allows and consents for them and / or their dog to be photographed, videotaped, and/or used in any media or advertising by The English Truffle Company without prior approval. All such photographs and videos etc. are the property of The English Truffle Company. If you do not wish any media content of you or your dog to be used, you will need to notify us in writing within 5 working days of the activity.