Truffle Digging Tools

Truffle digging tool
Truffle digging tool

When the truffle hound has located the spot where a truffle is growing underground you next need to excavate it. Your primary considerations are doing as little damage as possible to the underground fungal threads (mycellium) and to the truffle itself. We have used a special French gardening hoe for many years and are now offering them for sale. They are a short wooden-handled tool with two "blades", one pointed and a second, thin, flat, square one. The choice of blades makes them an ideal tool for delicately excavating truffles. While many such tools are green and brown this makes losing them on the woodland floor very easy, so these are bright red!

As well as truffle digging, they are a great multi-function tool for the garden. They can be used for weeding, creating rows, furrows or holes for seeds or plants, breaking lumps of soil and much more.

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Truffle Digging Tool
Truffle digging tool steel / wood.

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